The Stake Chaser® has been the industry leading grade and survey marking product since 1964.

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Our most famous and widely used product, our Stake Chaser® brand marking Whiskers® are trusted for their durability and flexibility. Designed to provide maximum visibility and withstand multiple passes of a grader blade, our first product is perfect for road construction. Over the years, however, these safe and easy-to-spot Whiskers have also become a prime choice for marking buried utility lines, survey points, and even athletic fields.

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The Stake All® system features a patented hollow stake design that makes this product surprisingly light-weight and unbelievably strong. The pre-attached marking whiskers are as visible and resilient as ever. And our unique slide driver makes it easy to install Stake All® anywhere a wooden stake can be driven (and more) without having to bend, kneel, or squat.


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